What is Tawheed?

Tawheed – comes from the root letters –“Wa”, “Ha” and “Daal”.

It is a verb in Arabic meaning, to ascribe unity to something. Tawheed is thus “the act” of ascribing unity to something. It is an integral part of Islamic belief such that our whole lives are incomplete unless we accept three simple aspects of God’s Oneness.

Allah is one in 3 aspects:-

  1. Rububiyya – Lordship – He creates, sustains, and controls all of creation. We only have one deity in control. i.e. we only have one Rabb – for everything. There is One God, controlling One order.
  2. Uluhiyya – of worship – Once we have acknowledged that Allah (swt) is the Supreme Lord of the worlds then the understanding is that only Allah deserves to be worshipped.
  3. Asmaa wa Sifaat of Allah – If only Allah is the Creator then only He has certain attributes which no one else could ever have. We also need to deny every negative attribute against this. e.g. Allah calls Himself Raheem, The Raziq. He never gets tired. He does not need a co-partner to help him. He has no son or wife. If he did, he would be weak. His attributes would be weak.

Comparative Analysis

All other faiths, even Hindus, accept the first aspect – that there is one main god – Rama Vishnoo. It is in the fitrah (nature) of man to accept this. This is the majority view. Only a minority of humanity is completely atheist or in complete Kufr. Our fitrah is to be born innocent; to want Tawheed and to accept it. We are born with doubt free minds – It hurts the heart to be in a state of doubt. A newborn child accepts its’ environment …in infant language there is no doubt in the child’s mind about whom his mother is. In the same way, his mind is also inclined to accept that Allah exists.

Zoroastrians believe in two gods. A god of good, and a god of evil. They also worship fire. This is one of the very few religions which has rejected Tawheed al Rububiyya.

Most people say that they worship God and believe in Him but they fail to accept Uluhiyya. When Hindus are asked about whom they worship, the answer is Sita, Lakshmi and Ganesh. In Christianity people are taught to submit to Jesus Christ and The Virgin Mary to fulfill their needs. According to Christian doctrine, Jesus (pbuh) died for the sins of humanity due to his extreme love for us. In Islamic doctrine no human being can love us more than our Creator, or answer our duas, or feel our pain.

Does God Exist?

By answering this question 3 important purposes will be achieved:

  1. We can understand why people reject Allah
  2. We can understand the ilm/knowledge of Tawheed completely
  3. We can teach Tawheed thoroughly to Muslims and non-Muslims. Non-Muslim society is in crisis. The trend increases day by day amongst mass youth, to hold the belief that God does not exist. The basic tenets of these beliefs are inherited predominantly from mass media and movies. If we examine the type of people who are shown as happy and confident on TV, we will note that they are never the religious type; the religious are depressed and poor. Whenever TV marketing sells a product, it also sells atheism and the atheist family. When people have to problem-solve on Hollywood/Bollywood films or TV dramas they never turn to God. The absence of God is made to appear so natural in our lives that we absorb this style of living.

We need a strong belief system to accept the existence of Allah

This is based on 100% belief. The belief that is established in the heart and never changes.

Al Dalil – Proof or Evidence

Faith must be based on proof. This is different from science which is based on theories and facts. However all scientific theories collapse in the face of Islamic Dalail/proofs. Muslims and students of Tawheed in particular can prove that God exists. To have proof or evidence in what one believes is an integral part of understanding. There are two types of evidence which can be presented.

Proof or evidence derived from using ones reasoning/intellect/logic
Proof or evidence that comes from the Divine, or higher authority (i.e. Qur’an/Hadith)

There are four possibilities:-

  1. The Universe came from nothing. Since there is consensus that there was a spacio temporal boundary the world must have begun. The Universe could not have evolved from nothing since, 0+0=0.
  2. The Universe created itself. The Universe could not have created itself since it would mean that something was and was not in existence at the same time.
  3. The Universe was created by something created, The Universe could not have been created by another created being since that being would need to be created by a created being which would need another created being and a chain would be established.
  4. The Universe was created by something uncreated. All the other possibilities fall, therefore the Universe must have been created by something uncreated: Allah swt.

The World is a Material Dream. Everything around us follows a 3 Stage Process

  1. It is absent initially in form and substance i.e. “not there.”
  2. It is created.
  3. It dies.

Life around us and everything in it comes into existence from non-existence and returns back to non-existence.

The exception is Allah. If Allah had a beginning it would lead us to the conclusion that He would have needed a Creator. Therefore He must have always been present.

Allah declares about Himself “He is the First and the Last” Sura Al-Hadid 57:3

Everything in existence requires space in order to exist

Just this point alone tells us that all of creation is in a state of need. It needs space in order to exist. The main difference between the essence of Allah and the essence of creation is that Allah Almighty does not need space in order to exist. If we were to say He does, we would affirm that He is in a state of need (which is inconceivable), therefore he cannot be God.

Science and Religion

Science is in chaos. It is about cause and effect; chance and observation. Scientific theories are based on experiments. Experiments are based on observations that are weak, fallible and subject to change.

Muslims believe that Allah has no cause; Allah is the cause of all effects. Religion is about certainty. Science cannot explain the existence of miracles such as the miracle of the Quran, the way sick people are cured through spiritual healing, or why prayers are answered and problems are solved mysteriously.

Progress and Regress

Science has found a cure for cancer but cannot cure the cause of it. Science has therefore brought our society forwards and backwards at the same time.

Religion has cured the cause of cancer by curing us of negative psychological states such as hatred, anger, intolerance and discontentment that cause cancer cells to originate.

Why should we study Tawheed?

Allah denies any other reason for which we are on this planet apart from to affirm his Oneness. Why are we sitting here reading this? Why do we wake up and go to sleep? What are 24 hours about every day? What do we eat for? Sleep for? Study for? It is Allah. Allah is our goal in everything. We are the slaves and Allah is our master. We are the worshippers and our worship is all for Allah. “And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but him.” (17:23/24). We do not worship Allah to fulfill His needs. He does not require worship because he wants anything. He needs nothing.

Multiple Messengers – One Message – One Never Changing Concept in All Religions – Tawheed

The Salah and Hajj rules changed but the concept of Tawheed was a spiritual constant. To live and die in a state of Tawheed is the goal of existence. It is the reason why Allah swt created Adam and Eve, Heaven and Hell. This is the reason why everything breathes and lives and moves around us.

Tawheed is Allah’s Path – Everything else is False – Batil

When we follow other paths we get lost in them. Abdullah ibn Masood (Allah be pleased with him) reported that once Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) drew a line in the dust with his hand and said, “This is the straight path of Allah.” Then he drew a series of lines to the right of it and to the left and said, “Each of these paths has a devil at its head inviting people to it.” He then recited (Qur’an 6:153), “Verily this is my straight path so follow it and do not follow the (twisted) paths.” (Collected by Ahmad, Nisai and Darimi; see Mishkat ul-Masabih, 1/166).

The Path to Tawheed is one

The Truth is one. The paths to shirk are many. The Quran states that truth is one i.e.
“Haqq.” Batil is conveyed as a plural noun and termed “Dhulumaat.”
When a human being knows the way from point A to B he is not in need of anything else.
Surprisingly we are the only creation that has been given the intellect and free will to disobey Allah. (Man and Jinn are the exception.) Animals have no intellect and so cannot disobey Allah. They follow the essence of Islam by surrendering themselves to Allah’s will.

When we negate before we affirm we understand the depth of The concept of The Kalima

The scholars say that “You have to empty something then you fill it up.” There is only one deity or exception that one will not empty the heart of and that is Allah swt. The exception or “Mustathna” in Arabic is Allah “illa Allah”. One must empty one’s heart of Taghut – false idols – before one will find Allah. Taghut is every idol/concept/evil that takes one’s soul away from Tawheed and blocks it’s pathway to Allah. We must cleanse the heart of spiritual filth before the purity of the Kalima can penetrate it.

Allah’s One Right Over Us

That we worship Him alone. If we do not do so there is no forgiveness for shirk. The consequence is Jahannam. This is actually a disguised Rahmah. Allah has given us a free transaction. Tawheed is the neutral purpose. Allah swt is neutral. He is not biased but treats us all fairly and never unjustly. Valuable worship is that which is for a neutral purpose where there is no profit or loss to the recipient. Pure worship for Allah is neutral and the basis of it is Tawheed.

Is there a perfect “other” healthy alternative?

Shirk is the opposite of Tawheed

Polytheism/shirk is a disease. Diseases cause decay. Moreover they cause ‘social’ decay. Society has broken down – no one knows Allah. Monotheism’s greatest enemy is Polytheism.

Types of Shirk (Joining partners with Allah):

Shirk Jali (Clear association with Allah) – is when someone outwardly associates partners with Allah, knowingly, e.g. People who worship idols, and the atheist who proclaims that creation came into existence by means other than Allah Almighty.

Shirk Khaafi (Hidden association) – is very dangerous. This is because we may commit it and not even be aware of it. Nobody is free from this. e.g. If someone takes a Panadol thinking that it is the tablet that takes away the pain, eats food thinking that it takes away hunger, or doesn’t close down the shop or the office to pray, thinking that it provides him his rizq (sustenance).

Aqeedah is belief – a conscious reality, and when a person has true Aqeedah it will lead him to act for the sake of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala); consequently this will, InshAllah, lead him to act in such a way which will take his soul to Jannah.

Everyone Wants to Live in Peace

Spiritual purity and Tazkiya is the source of peace.

The perfect state is having a pure heart, pure thoughts, and pure actions. This purity is only possible if the source or asl/origin is pure. The aim of the thoughts and actions has to be pure. Such a state can only be achieved if the niyyah/intention is pure. A pure intention is one that intends to do everything for Allah.

This is the state of perfect Tawheed and will take us to Jannah. There is therefore no other option that is as wholesome and healthy as Tawheed.

A further insight into Tawheed…

Two main levels of Tawheed:

High level – is one where a person worships Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) with perfection; he will enter Jannah without ever going to hell.

Lower level – is when a person realizes the concept of Tawheed, La ilaha illa-Allah but does not perfect it i.e. he commits sins. He will eventually be placed into Jannah after he has been punished for his misdeeds. The more we perfect our Tawheed the more our levels will rise and vice versa.

Actions and practical life

We should not want anything personal for our service of Allah. We should hate to achieve fame. Our only mission should be for Allah to be pleased with us. This is the ultimate truth and destination.

Tawheed in my everyday life

We need to create a strong spiritual environment using the basic structures that Allah swt has already given us.

Salah – The hamd is instinctual. The core of Salah is a request for guidance – to Allah’s one path. For “The
Siraat” “Al Siraat.” The Alif Laam denotes that there is only one path to Tawheed.
Tawheed Al Asmaa is constantly strengthened when we pray. In our Salah we recite all of Allah swt’s great and perfect names.

Duas – Dua is about three types of Tawheed. Dua is always answered. Allah has the ultimate answer and power. Dua keeps us pure. We will not go to corrupt sources for help but only to the ultimate pure power: Allah swt. Allah swt is the healer of hearts – “The Lord of the broken hearted.”

  • Allah is the mender of hearts which have broken for His sake and comes close to hearts which are filled with humility for Him
  • Broken hearts refers to those which have broken for the love of Allah – (Abdullah ibn al-Salam
    22-26 The Humility in Prayer –Ibn Rajab al- Hanbali.)

Quran – When we keep reading Allah’s great names in every ayah it strengthens our Tawheed.

Tawheed and our emotional/psychological state – spiritual health

Love for Allah

Tawheed makes us Love Allah swt. It renders us with The sweetness of Imaan. We gain this beautiful feeling because of Tawheed.

Shukr and Sabr and Humility in all situations

The effect of everything rests solely with Allah Almighty; there is no claiming for the self. When you put effort into something, the reward comes from Allah swt. We should attribute the outcome of actions to Allah swt. If the outcome is not what we expect we should still be content as Allah knows what is best for us. This makes us sincere and humble. We give shukr for what He gives us and sabr for what He does not. In this way our lives become stress free.

End to Riya – Not claiming for the self – Becoming humble

We came out of non-existence, from a drop of water, so how can we claim anything for ourselves? In reality all the praise belongs to Allah, Alhamdu lillah hir Rabbil aalimeen. When people praise us they are really praising Allah because we belong to Him and we reflect the beauty of His creation.

End to Riya – Self realization – Defines who you are as a human being

The human being is a biological mass – created by One deity. He is not a by-product of family/social class. He is not his family ties or bio data nor a DNA make-up. He is a Muslim and a body that submits to One Great Being in everything he does.

Tawakkul in Allah

We rely only on Him because we are powerless. Allah has given us a portion of capability and we will be taken into account because of it. In reality everything is powerless besides Him. We know that Allah is the only one, sole power because of the attributes of His Oneness: Sifat of Wahdaniyat. Therefore we should not claim that we have any power of our own. The result or outcome of the effort is from Allah Almighty not from the effort we put in. This way of viewing things leads to more dependence on Allah and more appreciation of Him. Allah Almighty has all ability/capability of power to create or not to create everything. Allah Almighty arranges and organizes everything we see. Although outwardly it may seem that creations organize things, in reality we know that The Creator creates everything.

Focus, Direction, and a Stress Free Life

The knowledge of Tawheed makes one look and direct oneself towards Allah and not to oneself. If you function by directing everything towards Allah you will always be connected to Him and feel fulfilled and positive. Our main concern is the next life; therefore things here should not trouble us.

Confidence and Courage

Fear stems from attributing power to others than Allah. Remember that everything besides Allah is powerless. Oneness in Qudra, absolute power belongs to Allah Almighty alone. We fear humans, yet they are naqis and muhtaaj; defective and needy.

Fearless Life

The “I can’t” GENE/DNA. The two prisons: “I can’t” and “I won’t”. Allah is the one who can; we are just vehicles. To study Tawheed boosts confidence. Tawheed makes the mind an expanse. It releases us from the fears of the natural world we “see”. Allah will move the material world for His will. His will will be done. The beauty of Tawheed makes us re-connect to Allah with hope. Everything is possible with Tawheed.

Relationships with others

Our sensitivity these days is more toward others rather than towards Allah, which is why when something impacts us we want to know the reason why. There is too much sensitivity to the problem and not enough to The Problem Sender and Examiner. The education of the Prophet (SAW) is about the source – Allah swt. In order to function positively we need Tawheed.

Our Human Relationships

We are one body worshipping one Allah – One Ummah. We should not cause pain to each other. People can hurt us with their words, but these are the words Allah swt is putting in their mouths in order to test our reactions. In these problem situations we need to act out Tawheed. We must ask Allah to help those who hurt us and give shukr that we are not in their place. Otherwise we would be the oppressors and be in jeopardy of entering Jahannam. Only a fool focuses on the sins and faults of others and ignores his own.

The way forward

The Struggle for success because of Tawheed
To always do more for fear of it not being good enough, or pure enough, to be accepted by the King of Kings, is a pattern of behavior which can only be accomplished while having Tawheed.

The Challenge of Dawah
The responsibility of 2 billion Muslims, especially after 9/11, is to teach Tawheed; the Akbar science; the root of Dawah.

Spiritual Stability in our societies
If Muslims understand the concept of Tawheed, they will appreciate their source – where they are to return. People won’t sin. Society will be stable. People will not be mentally confused – trying to understand where they came from.

The frog, the water, and our lives
When the fire of Nimrod engulfed Prophet Ibrahim (as), there was a little frog. This little frog repeatedly filled its mouth with water, and poured it on the fire. Others laughed at this ‘mindless, random act of kindness’, and told him that his mouthfuls of water could not stop the fire. To that, the frog replied that when on Judgment Day, he would be asked about what he did within his capacity to help Prophet Ibrahim (as), he could at least reply that he tried to fight injustice with mouthfuls of water.

Moral : The World… and I

  1. The frog tried its best though it knew it couldn’t complete the task alone.
  2. Everyone mocked at the frog, but it did what it is supposed to do. Mocking didn’t stop it from its struggle for goodness.
  3. If a frog fears that it will be questioned on the Day of Judgment, should us humans not fear our questioning too?
  4. We are responsible for fulfilling our duty; not for the result.

Our mission is to live, breathe, spread the beauty of Tawheed. May Allah swt make it easy for us all.


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